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Lets face it folks, its expensive to rebuild an engine, even the smallest engines can run into big bucks. We realize this and we do everything we can to keep the cost down. There are many Engine Shops out there that will quote you lower and higher than us, but please ask the right questions and make sure you get a written estimate.

Some of the things you need to know:

        1. Make sure the shop is licensed and their license number appears on the estimate.

        2. Make sure the mechanics are Certified and registered with their State and Township.

        3. Ask "What parts are they changing in the Rebuild and do they use new, refurbished
            or used replacement parts?

        4. Make sure your written estimate states "New Parts".

        5. Ask if they change the Oil Pump and Timing Kit (very important and lots of shops quote
            low because they DO NOT replace these.

        6. Ask about your warranty, how long? Miles included? Parts? Labor?

When we rebuild your engine we take before, during and after pictures of every detail, we keep accurate records of all receipts for all parts purchased for your Rebuild.

But folks please remember this:


If It's Cheap, It Ain't Good, If Its Good, It Ain't Cheap !


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