Top 10 Tips (if your do your own rebuild)


Top 10 - engine rebuilding tips

This is a brief listing of 10 things you should know if you're going to attempt to rebuild your own engine. Of course we will say that hiring a professional is your best bet, but we know there are some of you out there that will want to try it out for yourself. So take a look at our Top 10 things you should know.,

#1 - have the right tools

Very important!  This is a must, you will drive yourself crazy if you don't have the right tools.

#2 - Do your Homework

Rebuilding an engine is not an easy task, you need to know a lot of important things before you dive in, you should look up/search everything you can before you start the job.

#3 - Prepare for the unexpected

Regardless of how well you plan and research, something at some point will go wrong. A bolt will break off, a part you thought was strong will just fall apart as it comes off, or things won’t line up when you’re putting everything back together.

#4 - Expect things to be worse than you imagine

This goes hand-in-hand with number 3. If you think you have damaged a piston, expect that when you pull everything out; there will be more than 1 piston damaged. So be prepaired!

#5 - Bag ‘em and tag ‘em

Vital if you want to save a lot of frustration when putting things back together. Every nut and bolt you take off, put in a bag and label it well.

#6 - Alternate transport

This is just a good idea to do if the car your rebuilding is your only form of transportation. Line up someone to be there for you when you realize you need "another part" !

#7 - Parts cleaner is your friend

When you get into the engine, cleanliness is definitely next to godliness. Cylinder walls must be as close to spotless as you can manage, with any specs of dirt and grit removed.

#8 - Have some good friends

Whether they are car enthusiasts or not, friends can make your rebuild project so much easier. It's always a good idea to be able to call someone for advice when attempting a job like this.

#9 - Check, double-check, triple-check

The last thing you want when you start your engine for the first time after a rebuild is for your pistons to go smashing into your valves or the timing belt slipping. When you are putting everything back together, make sure everything is right. Nuts and bolts need to be torqued to the right amount, connectors re-attached, and vacuum hoses fitted back up. Double-check everything is right to minimize the chance of something going wrong when you finally turn the key.

#10 - Enjoy it

This can be so hard to do, especially if the car is your only form of transport and you really need it to be on the road again and things just aren't going as planned. Try to learn from the experiance!.

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